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Prodema Engineering AG


Mechanical engineering
- We design your machine -

From the clarification phase through the concept to the design and the elaborated documentation. On request, we also procure the individual parts, assemble individual subassemblies and commission entire machines. From fast packaging machines to automatic assembly machines to rough construction machines. This is our world.
We start with paper and pencil for the first ideas and to clarify the task. We work on various CAD systems. Besides our favorite SolidWorks, we are also proficient in Inventor, CatiaV5, SolidEdge, NX (Unigraphics), and PTCCreo (ProE). We simulate difficult load cases and optimized designs on SolidWorks Simulation.
In order to "keep the distances short" we also work at the customer's site. This way we can efficiently support and relieve the customer's development team. We adapt our working method to the customer's project. We are used to working with small companies as well as with large corporations.

Plant engineering
- We make your plant -

We help you on site, at the plant, during commissioning and optimisation. We systematically analyse weak points and develop various proposed solutions, which we then design and implement. Of course, we are present during commissioning and prepare the necessary documents.

Product development
- We design your product -

Starting with basic tests, we optimise the design until you have your finished product in your hands in accordance with the specifications. No matter whether it is a mechatronic handset with integrated electronics or a mechanical device for a garage door drive. We will find the optimum manufacturing process and the appropriate design for every quantity. We are familiar with many manufacturing processes and know the appropriate specialists in our network. We optimise not only the function but also the costs and the quality. We have great experience in the area of small and medium quantities; optimised plastic injection moulding, conventional turning, innovative sheet metal processing or rapid prototyping.

Prodema Engineering AG