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Installation of machines and handling units

- Who does the preparation on site? Who is there while the machine is being unloaded? Who takes care of the positioning and levelling? These points are part of our basic competence, which we are happy to offer you -


- Whenever the machine is in place and the power is connected, you need someone to go through all the wires and signals until the I/O check is complete and production is started. This is one of our core businesses. We are there for you -

Predictive maintenance / service

- To ensure sustainable production, you need to have the right service team. Sometimes it is hard to get them or the time is just not there to take care of it? We have time and are there for you, according to the machine manufacturer's instructions and our experience -.

Displacement of installations

- Do you want to reposition a machine or an entire plant? Either way, you need qualified experts at your side to complete the task within the given time frame. Ask us and we will support you not only in the planning, no, also in the implementation-.

Overhaul and repairs

- Is your machine a little older and needs special treatment? Understood, we can do it. We do not only work with machines, we feel machines ... We have more than 15 years of experience in our veins -

G-Tech Solutions GmbH