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Eleksan LTD

We as S-Tech Automation AG are distribution partner of Eleksan in Switzerland!


We offer conveyor systems of all kinds.

Do you need a conveyor system for your parts? Then contact us!

We are sure to find a solution from a single system to a series.

About Eleksan

- Eleksan Ltd. was established in 1970. The company provides its customers with high brand value technological products and a dynamic human resource with the most advanced and widespread user tool's. - –


- Ever-increasing user demands and global competitive dynamics require a re-evaluation of current production processes from a novel and innovative perspective. Our design and development efforts are focused on creating innovative solutions that are beyond current performance thresholds. - –

Commitment to quality

- We focus on overall product and service quality and related customer satisfaction, and conduct our pre-sales, design, manufacturing and post-sales service in accordance with international quality standards. We contribute to our customers' success by maintaining a high level of brand quality, which is driven by the long-term functionality, durability and cost-efficiency of our products, as well as the performance of our post-sales service and support -.


- To fully realize our clients' manufacturing and commercial dynamics, we execute our services with a professional and efficient approach. In doing so, we focus on our responsibility in formulating solid improvements and advantages over our customers' manufacturing processes. Our efforts take shape in creating reliable, highly effective systems and providing agile after-sales support. - –